Why would I want a smart phone?

now-in-your-pocketI admit that I am a geek and love gadgets. I tinker with my laptop, phone, tablet, various servers, smart watch, and other fun stuff all the time. I know that not everyone likes to keep up with the latest technology like I do. 

But, some of it is a no brainer.



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Think of all the gadgets a modern phone has replaced. Here is a short list:

  • calculator
  • camera
  • phonebook
  • dictionary
  • thesaurus
  • translator
  • map
  • news
  • flashlight
  • keys on some cars
  • music player
  • calendar

Of course, some would argue, nobody NEEDS a smartphone that can do all of these things. That is true. But, I am always amazed when I see phone books, encyclopedia, calculators, and maps in peoples’ homes. 

Cost can certainly be an issue. Many providers are now selling new phones outright where others still spread the cost over the length of a contract. Phones are normally locked by the provider so the phone will only work on their network and with their sim card (the chip that stores your account information and allows the phone to interact with a provider’s cellular network). I personally like purchasing unlocked phones directly from the manufacturer.We travel overseas and cell service doesn’t always move with you from one country to another.  By purchasing an unlocked phone, I am not locked into a contract and when I travel to a new country, I can simply purchase a local sim card and I am good to go.

I know I could live without my phone. The question is – why? I love having the collected knowledge of the human race in my pocket.

…and I like watching kitten videos, too.



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