Traveling and Working in Puerto Vallarta

Living a travelling lifestyle can lead us many places, including some of those found relatively close to home. If you currently live in North America and are seeking some familiar comforts, but a warmer and more relaxed lifestyle, venturing south towards Puerto Vallarta, Mexico could be an excellent option to test out being a digital nomad.

Of course, there are plenty of options to fly, but if you’d like to bring along some extra personal belongings, packing up the car and going on a road trip is also an option! Puerto Vallarta is a great escape for ‘snowbirds’ looking for warmer climates during the winter months and is also a popular destination for many planning to make Mexico their new home base. If you travel during the winter, you’ll immediately begin to recognize license plates from scattered locations around the USA and Canada – this is also a great way to strike up a conversation and start making new friends who are also living abroad.

Puerto Vallarta is located on the Pacific Ocean, in the Mexican state of Jalisco and has a population of over 220,0001 people making it a comfortable city in terms of size, amenities and weather. There can be a rare hurricane, but this is an uncommon occurrence and the average temperatures year round range from 22˚ to 27˚ Celsius (72˚ to 81˚ Fahrenheit).

As this region boasts a wealth of tourism options including resorts, beaches, shopping, adventure activities and restaurants, many local residents speak basic to nearly perfect English. If you don’t have any Spanish skills yet, this makes Puerto Vallarta a safe place to learn and practice the local language, while allowing you to still interact with all the city has to offer. Puerto Vallarta welcomes foreign visitors and local people are very willing to share a smile and some translation or advice when you encounter any need for assistance.

Although you may want the ability to work from anywhere in the world, sometimes the comforts of home are equally important to the adventure of travel. Puerto Vallarta offers a colonial feel with cobble stone streets in central areas of the city, but also an abundance of supermarkets such as Costco, Sam’s Club, Soriana Híper, Walmart and Mega Comercial Mexicana to meet your grocery and daily shopping needs. Additionally, some Amazon products can be shipped free of charge; however, make sure to check details when ordering items online, as some may be subject to shipping costs and customs taxes.Market, Centro, Puerto Vallarta

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Of course, the food is so delicious in the Jalisco region of Mexico that you may decide you don’t want to cook that much and experience all of the local eats! There are approximately 1000 restaurants in Puerto Vallarta alone. Many restaurants have wifi and are great places to work from, socialize and enjoy. Starbucks abound, but there are a variety of local options too. Once such place is Café Canela located close to the coast and right across the street from an Office Depot should you need a few extra business supplies for your new nomad career. When it’s time for a break, you can venture to nearby beaches of Riviera Nayarit and the lively town Bucerías on the Bay of Banderas, a short 20 kms away. It’s a quick drive in a taxi or you can check out local transportation, which is very affordable at 12 pesos one way (less than $1 USD). With so many options for entertainment and relaxation, Puerto Vallarta will feel like your new home abroad in no time!

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