France Anyone?

Didn’t think you could afford to live in France? Think again.

Toulouse, France | Photo Credit

A popular destination for digital nomads and expats is Toulouse, in the south west about an hour from the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The cost of living is affordable in Toulouse compared to other French cities, and it’s well situated.

For those who like to ski and hike, it’s a short jaunt to the Pyrenees Mountains and an easy distance to other popular destinations, including San Sebastian, Spain.

Toulouse is a university city, with twenty universities and colleges that draw in a large population of young people who bring with them a sense of innovation and enthusiasm, giving the city an energetic vibe. This can be really beneficial you as a digital nomad looking for inspiration and ideas for growing a new business or continuing career online.

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Networking opportunities are plenty through start-up events that can be found around the city and online at Incubators are also becoming established in the region. One such organization is French Tech Toulouse.

If you’re looking for places to work from or connect to others in your area of expertise, you can check out to locate cafes, co-working spaces or just a great Wi-Fi connection throughout the city.

More and more remote workers are moving to the area, so it should be relatively easy to connect with English speaking professionals who are looking to do the same thing you are.

On top of being an exciting place to network and grow your remote income, Toulouse offers a rich architectural history because of its expansion during the Renaissance Period. It is known as the Pink City, or la Ville Rose, in honor of the pink toned terracotta bricks that are present on the facades of many historical buildings throughout the city.

The Capitol de Toulouse is an impressive square where European history comes to life and draws in city residents to enjoy opera, theater or simply indulge in the delicious French gastronomy and bakeries of the area, while being surrounded by buildings that are simply masterpieces.

If you are a foodie, be sure not to miss a regular stop at the renowned Victor Hugo Market, which is an epicenter for local food and craft products from the region.

But that’s not all Toulouse offers. The climate is temperate, with defined seasons, and people are friendly. Learn to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and don’t worry if people are a bit late for meetings. It’s a cultural norm to live a comfortable pace of life in Toulouse.

Integrated public transportation options include access to subway, tram and buses, with a monthly pass cost of under €50.00 to get you around the city with ease – the most affordable public transit in France.

Finally, after a long day of working, socializing and creating, you can enjoy a drink at a local pub around Place Saint-Pierre or stroll down to the river Garonne to take in the beauty of the sunset, to cap off lovely days of French living.

Featured photo credit: Sergey Ashmarin [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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