Over the years, we had always recognized that we had a travel bug. It was difficult to do much traveling as we were raising two awesome kids, constantly upgrading our dream home, and staying involved in our careers and communities. We were living the American dream. As our home slowly became empty, we realized that we wanted to free ourselves from the obligations of a suburban life so that we could see the world while we were still young enough to enjoy it.

After this revelation, we slowly started changing the structure of our careers so that we could work from anywhere with a decent internet connection.

Once the kids were on their way, we started questioning what our long term plans were. We wanted to travel more but, weren’t ready to retire.

It was time to lighten the burden of all the stuff we had collected over the years. We began preparing to move abroad and adopt a location independent traveling lifestyle.

We sold the house we had lived in for twenty years. We sold our cars and virtually all of our worldly possessions. We chose Colombia as our first hop. We move every 3-6 months to a new destination and plan to see the many places in the world we have always wanted to see while still earning a living remotely.

Our requirements are simple:

  • good internet
  • low cost of living
  • safe and healthy lifestyle
  • someplace cool we want to see in depth
  • good food

This site contains everything we discover along the way. You’ll find tips and tricks, the technology behind how to work remotely, thoughts on how to simplify your life, and how to continue to enjoy the things you love (cocktails, food, fun).

Feel free to ask questions, post comments, and stay in touch.

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